Club Basics

Over the decades, many renowned men and women of arts and letters have called The Players their home away from home.

Today, Booth's dream of a club that promotes social intercourse among professionals from almost* every walk of life is still thriving.

Initially, The Players was a men's club. However, on Shakespeare's birthday, April 23, 1989, women were finally permitted to become Players, the first of them being Helen Hayes. Her portrait hangs prominently in the Dining Hall.

Becoming a Member

The Players has always been a club where people of the theatre meet and mingle with individuals from a variety of professions and businesses.

In addition to the warm camaraderie and convivial atmosphere, The Players Grill has long been recognized as "one of the best bars in New York."

We also offer many different types of events throughout the year from readings and lectures, through musical evenings and theatrical presentations. Every month the club hosts a "Meet Your Fellow Players" cocktail party, as well as frequent Pipe Nights at which we honor significant cultural figures.

We also offer membership with a wide variety of Reciprocal Clubs

Learn how to become a Player by downloading The Players Admissions Package.

Learn about our House Rules & Customs here

Helen Hayes
First Female Player

General Information

The Players
16 Gramercy Park South
New York, NY  10003

Phone: (212) 475-6116


•  Club House:  Mon. thru Fri. 10:00 am—Midnight

•  Lunch:  Tues. Only 12:00 pm—2:30 pm (Subject to change)

•  Grill Dinner:  Mon thru Fri. 6:00 pm—11:00 pm

•  Bar Service:  Mon thru Fri. 4:00 pm—11:45 pm (LAST CALL 11:15pm)

•  Club is closed for the month of August (monthly billing remains on a 12 month cycle)

The Players is a non-smoking establishment.

No outside food or drink is allowed inside the club.

After 4pm - at the bottom of the stairs in the Grill Rm, coffee, tea and water is complimentary to all members.

There is WiFi throughout the building for club members. Feel free to grab a couch and surf away.

There is no tipping in the club. You will be asked to contribute to an annual holiday fund. Please review your food and beverage charges and contribute accordingly.

Dress Code:

•  General Attire: Business casual (no shorts, no tanks, no gym wear)

•  Event Attire: Event Appropriate

Please Note:

•  Large bags and coats are to be checked in at the door.

•  Cell phones are allowed

•  Ringer must be off

•  Please do not answer your phone with other members present, respect their comfort

•  Please step outside to have your conversation


It is suggested that if you would like to have dinner in the Grill with 4 or more people to make reservation. Tables are limited. To make reservations at any time you, may call (212) 475-6116 or email:


•  Guests are welcome; the number is not limited.

•  You must be in attendance with your guests.  Ask them to wait in the lobby and to let the door man know they are there for you.

•  Guests may pay for food and drink with a credit card, no cash payments accepted


  1. Members may book rooms for activities and events

  2. The Booth Room:  the historic Booth room has been preserved and is available for viewing to all members. Please ask the doorman for the key.

•  Gramercy Park:  The Players has a key to Gramercy Park. Members are welcome to ask the doorman for the key to enjoy the park when it is open. It is on a first come first serve basis. Please be sure to hold on to the key as it is required to both get in and out of the park. Also, please be sure to return the key to the doorman. 

Reciprocal Clubs:

The Players has many reciprocal clubs for you to enjoy all over the world. In most local clubs, you can simply make a reservation and show your member ID card and you will be welcomed. It is suggested that you call ahead and find out the payment policy before going, as each club is different.

If you are going to attend a club in another state or outside the country, you should request a letter of introduction from the office.  Contact the General Manager

*  The only profession to be specifically excluded at Booth's insistence were critics, whom the founder called "crickets." How, he said, could actors enjoy a respite at their club if critics were present? But, in 1960, critic Brooks Atkinson was given an honorary membership, opening the door.